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Hindu JADEJA tribal CHAKLA (wall hanging) from Saurashtra, Gujarat, India

Hindu JADEJA tribal CHAKLA (wall hanging) from Saurashtra, Gujarat, India


Circa mid 20th century CHAKLA (wall hanging from Gujarat) made by Hindu JADEJA tribal women from Saurashtra, Gujarat, India.

Silk floss and cotton embroidery CHAKLA used on special occasions and festivals. The JADEJA is a noble caste. This CHAKLA is worked in satin stitch in a 'diamonds within squares' geometric design which also creates negative space with the direction and spacing of the stitches in each square. SHISHA (mirror work) is a feature of the hanging with large feature mirrors encased in pressed tin and other smaller mirrors The silk floss thread is workedk in brilliant pink, yellow, green and purple and a few areas of brown. Satin stitch is predominant and KASHMIRI (herringbone) stitch is also used for border detail. Yellow and red cotton thread is used for a striped border. The edge of the CHAKLA is embroidered with a large border of KUNGRI triangles each embroidered with a specific tribal symbol. This one has 3 x three-pronged stitches - similar to a bird's footprint. Framing rthe CHAKLA is a loosely woven border of blue and red large triangles edged on either side by thin binding strips of yellow, green and blue. This border is machine stitched, The age of the CHAKLA has caused wearing of some of the silk floss. 100cm x 100cm Please see photos for indication of wear of silk floss embroidery.