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Moroccan artisan-made glasses case - spectacles case

Moroccan artisan-made glasses case - spectacles case


You will never believe that these simple little glasses cases are made by 4 separate artisans in Morocco!

5 colours - one of each colour left. Black, dark grey, light grey, brown and maroon. Please state in order notes which colour you want.

1. The beautiful soft pure wool is cut by the djellaba maker. Djellabas are the traditional hooded caftan worn in Morocco. Some are machine made but many are made by hand with the seams stitched by hand by 2 men working together. One holds the long threads and twists them to create a simple braid which another man holds at the seam and sews by hand with a needle and thread. You can see the 2-colours braid edging on these glasses cases that uses the exact same method to stitch the djellaba seams.  

2. Of course, the thread is plyed by the thread plyer who holds a tiny specially made machine in the palm of his hand and uses it to twist thread into any thickness needed for whatever purpose. 

3. The tiny little black djellaba button that closes the case is made by the women button makers. Thousands of women make these incredibly intricate buttons - in over 50 different designs - by hand knitting the thread around a tiny tube of plastic she holds on a pointed piece of metal she knots using a needle.it is knotted a bit like macrame but is done with a needle. It is believed this tradition is over 2000 years old and brought to North Africa by the Jews who migrate there.

4. Finally the tassel maker makes the tassel - again using the thread the plyer has Plyed. The tassel maker is a very important artisan and makes intricate wedding belts and tassels for every occasion and interior.

Together these old crafts come together to create a myriad of items...including these ‘simple’ glasses cases.

if you love buying items made by hand that keeps traditions alive and artisans employee...if you love beautiful things...then why not buy a special case for your glasses. Not only does it protect your glasses...the soft can be used to clean them too. A beautiful, thoughtful and ‘not so simple’ artisan-made little treasure.