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Moroccan hand-knotted tassel keyring from Marrakech

Moroccan hand-knotted tassel keyring from Marrakech


I bought these gorgeous knotted tassel keyrings in Marrakech.  Moroccan tassel makers are an ancient artisan and make intricate knotted belts and smaller items for weddings which are incredibly rich in handmade and exotic traditions.  These keyrings are exquisite with hundreds of knots in very intricate designs.  The gorgeous bright coloured thread is plyed by hand using a little machine that twists the fibres into threads of various thickness....depending on the artisan’s requirements.  I found an amazing shop in the old Marrakech souks that made every knotted item under the sun and absolutely couldn’t resist.

22cm total length. Weight 20 grams

Makes a lovely gift and is so unique. Morocco’s artisanal culture is alive and thriving and handmade items make up everyone’s lives.