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If you’ve been yearning for a Moroccan textile adventure…

this Moroccan Textile Quest that is slower and deeply culturally immersive, travelling to some secret, quieter places and rural villages as well as Moroccan sensorial must-sees like Fes and Marrakech.

This tour is the result of a thoughtful collaboration between three textile and adventure-loving women.  Jess, an arts, culture and community facilitator, Astrid, a travel agent and logistics whiz married to a Moroccan - both women living in Morocco for nearly 20 years and Keryn a traditional textile collector and trader, natural dryer, weaver and tour guide from Australia.

This is a tour for textile lovers but also the culturally curious and those who search for meaning and depth. Those who want to explore, ask questions, taste and touch Morocco’s rich and ancient culture.

You will hear stories and experience life in a Middle Atlas market town, experience markets and medina life, sit with women as they weave in villages, marvel at ancient crafts and stunning museums, join hands-on workshops and drive through vast and ancient landscapes with hopefully some surprises as they present themselves along the way.  This socially impactful and eco-conscious tour with local guides takes you to the keepers of Morocco’s traditional crafts and you will leave Morocco with deeper connections and knowledge.

This 14 day Moroccan Textile Quest begins in the legendary whitewashed northern coastal city of Tangier - the town that inspired writers, artists and filmmakers. We hug the Mediterranean coast to Tetaoun, cross the famous Rif Mountains to the blue city of Chefchauen and wind our way south savouring cities, towns and villages, staying in traditional riads, an ancient sandcastle kasbah and an eco-lodge surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes, oases and desert then over the epic Atlas Mountains to the madness of Marrakech…with time to wander and wonder.

This experience will be enjoyed by a small group of only 10 to 16 reasonably fit travellers with adventure in their souls.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2023: We have reached our minimum number of participants so only a few seats left.  

See our itinerary and pricing attached or email me at adventuresstextiles@yahoo.com for more information.