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'Order to Chaos' hand-made patchwork quilt

'Order to Chaos' hand-made patchwork quilt


I bought this vintage handmade patchwork quilt from a Pakistani trader. It is a utilitarian quilt for everyday use and it has been used for many years.

What is extraordinary it its design. It is like no other I have ever seen. The large inner field is made up of (1) dark brown/black, (2) light brown and (3) off-white triangles that at the top are arranged in an orderly, regular fashion. As the design progresses down the quilt the order turns to chaos and the colours from light to dark. It is a masterpiece of modern art design. The top is edged with three strips - deep green, navy blue and gold (shiny) whilst the base has three strips in gold, light yellow and navy. The sides are edged in two strips - navy and gold. All fabrics except the gold are cotton or polycotton. The gold is synthetic. The quilt is back with 3 recycled pieces of printed saris. It is hand-stitched all over with running stitch. 

It is single bed size and would look wonderful displayed on a wall or simply thrown over a couch.